Lynda Van Kuren

Lynda Van Kuren

My love of writing goes way back. I sent my first story off to a publisher when I was eight. They rejected it. Fortunately, I’ve come a long way since then.

But first, I was a special education teacher. I taught English to high school kids with learning disabilities and ADHD. Yes, it was challenging, but it was fun, too. I got to know my kids, their likes and dislikes, and what turned them on to learning. Most were eager to learn. Some weren’t. Too bad. Some were stubborn. They’d met their match. When I left, more than half of my students went on to college. Others got lucrative jobs in trade. Failure, on my part, or for my kids, simply wasn’t an option.

However, after 12 years I decided to go back to my first love–writing. My initial job was in public relations for a telecommunications association. Whoa! I, the technologically illiterate, went from the classroom to telecommunications. And from there to small businesses, corporations, non-profits. You know what? Those years teaching put me in good stead. Many of my experiences as a teacher--making complex ideas understandable, listening to people to understand their wants and need, translating those wants into actions, the art of persuasion, guiding people to action, creatively overcoming problems and challenges —all those skills transferred to my writing career. And I got to use words to persuade, to explain, to help people understand issues, to learn about products that would improve their lives, to act.

On the Personal Side...

But writing is only one aspect of my life. I have two other passions (life is too short for only one, don’t you think?). The first is my wonderful family: my husband, John, and our two cocker spaniels, Nina and Mattie. John is, quite simply, my Prince Charming. He swept in my life 15 years ago, and I am the luckiest woman in the world. Nina and Mattie are our children. They make us laugh, drive us crazy, and keep us active. In addition to the usual ball throwing, John and I do agility with them. Who knew memorizing 16-obstacle courses, sprinting to keep ahead of your dog, learning fancy footwork and canine signals would be such fun!

My second passion is ballet. Daily classes, grueling rehearsals, stage fright, performing, the desire for perfection in every movement from a giant leap to the position of your fingers–I love everything about dance. Dancers. We always strive not only for perfection, but for that extra something that makes a performance shine. I bring that same dedication to perfection, and that something extra, to my writing and clients.