Lynda Van Kuren

Lynda Van Kuren

A+ Copy for Education Services, Products and Technology

March 11th, 2016 19:54 by Lynda Van Kuren

If you are an owner or in charge of marketing for a school, university, education association, or educational product or technology business, or an education association, you face special challenges.

You need copy that goes beyond engaging, explaining, and informing. You need copy that lets educators and parents know your services and products

  • Help students achieve academically
  • Meet federal and state laws like No Child Left Behind and the Common Core.
  • Meet the needs of children with disabilities and those with gifts and talents.
  • Help students pass assessments.

You need copy that gives educators and parents confidence that your service or product will enable educators to do their job and students to succeed.

Copy that Speaks to Educators and Parents

I am a freelance writer, but I was a special ed teacher for 12 years. I know from experience how important effective educational services and products are to educators and parents alike, not to mention students.

As I have an insiders’ insight into the market, I write powerful copy that resonates with educators at all levels -- administrators, teachers, curriculum specialists -- as well as parents and helps them see how your products help their students. They envision using your product with their students, one-on-one, in small groups, and with their class–and the difference it makes in those children’s academic success. The result is educators who become buyers, year after year.

I’m proud to say my results-driven copy has substantially increased sales and brought consumers to educational product websites for information, resources, and products. I can do that for you.

My services for the education field include:

  • Brochures
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Press Releases
  • Web Copy
  • Articles

The Educator Turned Writer

I was a special ed teacher for 10 years. It’s a challenging job, and I worked hard to make sure my kids succeeded. But I’ll always remember Rick. He was a fluent reader, but he couldn’t understand a word he read. I only wish I had had resources that are available to students today. I could have done more to help Rick learn to comprehend what he read so beautifully. Then he could have read application forms and have gotten a decent job. He was one of my hardest workers.

Though I switched careers, education is still one of my priorities, and much of my writing for the past 15 years has been for or about education. I have written articles and promotional materials for educational organizations such as the Council for Exceptional Children, National Education Association, Academy for Educational Development, and Education Resources Center.

If you are in the education profession or industry, your company’s mission is close to my heart, and I think we could make an even bigger difference in children’s lives by working together. Give me a call, and we can see if I can help you help even more teachers and their students.

Health and Fitness

One of the great things about being a newspaper journalist is that you get to write about all types of subjects. Lucky for me, because I love writing about medicine, health, and fitness, I was often assigned stories on critical topics such as the opioid epidemic, new medical technologies, innovative hospital programs, and the latest fitness trends.

However, my experience as a writer doesn’t stop there. I also served as the communications director for a national nonprofit, so I know all about the multiple pressures a director of marketing or busy business owner is under.

While this may not be the traditional path to medical and health/fitness writing, it is a great match for health professionals and corporations looking to expand their services or increase sales. In addition to my knowledge of the field, I am an excellent interviewer. By asking the right questions, I quickly get up to speed on your business, products, and services. I am also adept at making complex issues understandable. And I always meet deadlines.

Whether you need an article profiling an industry leader or product, new web copy, case studies that showcase your successes; a newsletter or blog that keeps your audience apprised of your business’s initiatives or services; a press release announcing a new product, service, or milestone; or other copy, you can count on me for compelling content that gets you the results you want-- sales, acclaim, and patients.

My writing for medical and health/fitness clients includes:

  • Physicians
  • Hospitals
  • Hospital Foundations
  • Gyms
  • Personal Trainers
  • Fitness Programs
  • Supplements
  • Wellness Programs
  • Medical Technology

When you need engaging, persuasive content that moves your business forward, give me a call. I’ll put my expertise and experience to work for you.